Our team is already working in new applications and exciting features to make Moesion your favorite enterprise app.
Here are some of the features that are coming soon:

More and More Applications

We want to make Moesion the home to manage your most important IT applications from your smartphone or tablet. Our team is already working on new mobile interfaces for traditional IT systems.

Here are some of the applications we are currently exploring.

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Amazon AWS
  • RackSpace Cloud
  • VMWare
  • Oracle
  • Citrix

If you would like to see other apps included in Moesion really soon please send us some feedback.

Notifications: Twitter For Your IT systems

Imagine getting instant notifications on your mobile device in response to events in your IT infrastructure?

It’s time to change the game….

Monitoring and understanding an IT software or cloud service shouldn’t be harder than following a person on Twitter or friending somebody on Facebook.

We are working on a super-cool new feature that allows you to subscribe to well-known events in your IT systems directly from your smartphone or tablet. We are also working on advance data processing techniques to process and classify events using terms that make sense for your IT organization.

Knowledge Base Building

Tired of Googling the same problem over and over again?

How is it possible that you can find a solution to a problem quicker on StackOverflow or Google rather than within your organization?

Imagine… if when a problem occurs, you can easily access previous occurrences of that problem, the people involved in the troubleshooting process and the final solution…

We are working on a knowledge based system that allows you to capture, share and reuse blocks of knowledge of your IT systems that are relevant to rapidly troubleshoot a problem. Our goal is to blend together the knowledge accumulated on internet IT communities and tailor them to the runtime behavior of your IT infrastructure.

You Can Influence Where Moesion Goes

The Moesion team is never idle. We are constantly listening and looking for new feedback from our customers and partners. You can help us to make Moesion even cooler by sending us your crazy ideas.

We look forward to hearing from you!