How to Sell Moesion to your Boss

Selling software to enterprises is always an interesting experiment. With Moesion, we decided to make the license and installation models extremely simple to remove a lot of the frictions that organizations experienced when adopting different enterprise software packages. Keep in mind that our goals are very ambitious, we literally would like to see Moesion running on every enterprise (no pressure :) ). Having said that, like any other enterprise software, Moesion has to go through the official channels to be adopted at an enterprise scale. During those processes, we’ve regularly heard a number of questions from our customers that touch upon aspects such as security, updates, robustness and several other capabilities that we always want to see on enterprise software.

I compiled some of the questions and answers in the list below that hopefully it can help you get your Moesion up and running soon.


Why do you need Moesion?

  • As an IT Pro, Moesion will make you more productive by allowing to diagnose and quickly manage your IT systems from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Moesion will allow you to manage dozens of IT systems and cloud services from your mobile device.
  • Using Moesion, you can execute management scripts directly from your smartphone or tablet

Is Moesion secure?

  • Moesion uses a 4 later transport + message security model that guarantees the privacy and integrity of your IT infrastructure
  • All messages are signed and encrypted and in addition to SSLs transport security mechanism
  • Moesion does not store any sensitive data about your IT infrastructure

Is Moesion stable? What happens if Moesion fails?

  • Moesion is deployed in several Windows Azure and Amazon AWS datacenters across the globe to guarantee high levels of availability and performance
  • Your Moesion infrastructure is completely isolated from other tenants
  • If Moesionfails, you can still use your traditional system management tools

Do I have to invest in infrastructure to run Moesion?

  • Not at all, Moesion is a cloud based solution that requires no on-premise infrastructure
  • You only need to install the Moesion agent on each server you intend to manage
  • New applications or scripts will be automatically available through our application store

Can I afford Moesion?

  • Moesion provides a very affordable pricing model that fits both small businesses as well as big enterprises
  • Even if you own a datacenter, your Moesion investment will be relatively small

Do you have more questions about Moesion? You can ask us on UserVoice.


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