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What Do You Get When You Mix Mobility with Vision?
You get a simple, mobile, social cloud platform that transforms Enterprise IT. You get Moesion.

Moesion is the first platform in our vision to bring mobility to enterprise IT.

Moesion takes these initial steps towards that vision but providing a cloud platform that enables the management and monitoring of IT systems, whether on-premise or on the cloud, from your smartphone or tablet. Moesion extends the concepts and practices learned during decades of history of IT system management into the new era of cloud and mobility.

  • We believe it’s time to bring mobility to enterprise IT software
  • We believe IT system management should SIMPLE, MOBILE AND SOCIAL.
  • We believe that the management of IT systems or cloud infrastructures should be ubiquitously accessible from any device without the need to install and maintain expensive system management technologies.
  • We believe that IT professionals should be 100% in control of their systems 100% of the time without the constraints of corporate networks or geographic locations.
  • We believe that IT management tasks such as installation, maintenance or deployment should be one touch away on your smartphone.


Moesion is a Tellago Studios product.

At Tellago Studios, we are focused on developing innovative and useful enterprise software.
Tellago Studios is a software company founded in 2010 with a simple but powerful idea: Make enterprise software modern, simple and sexy again. We go to work every day to build awesome software that makes our customer successful by bringing the best of modern technology paradigms into the enterprise world. Currently, we are immersed in innovating using revolutionary technology movements such as cloud, mobile and social computing to reinvent enterprise software for the next generation of IT.

Our Leadership Team