Seriously Dude: Start Managing your Server from your Phone in Two Clicks

Simplicity is one of core principles of the Moesion platform. We literally obsessed on removing all friction from Moesion’s installation processes. We think IT Pros are already dealing with too many ridiculously complex system management software packages. We don’t need to add a new one :)

Given that Moesion is a cloud platform, the only on-premise installation needed is the Moesion agent that lives in your servers. The cool thing is that you can install the agent in 3 easy clicks.

Let’s take a look…

We can install the agent directly from Moesion’s admin page as illustrated in the following figure.

After downloading the agent we can run it as shown in the following picture.

As any other good installer, we must select the installation directory that will host the agent.


After that, we can hit install.


Wait 5 seconds and YOUR ARE DONE!


Now is time to start managing your server from your phone or tablet.


What do you think? Could we still make the installation process simpler?


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